AA Pothole Damage Assist Terms and Conditions

Please note that the terms of the General Policy Terms and Conditions is applicable to this policy document and its terms are accordingly incorporated herein as if specifically incorporated, mutatis mutandis.

  1. Product Description

Potholes are a reality on South African roads. Heavy traffic, rain damage, and lack of road maintenance ensure that they are here to stay. All South African motorists have had to dodge a pothole or two on the road, but it is not always possible. When a vehicle does hit a pothole, serious damage can result.

  1. AA Pothole Damage Assist will handle any claims you have against a Road Management Authority as a result of damage to your vehicle from roadworks or hitting a pothole ensuring you receive the compensation you are due and saving you thousands in repair and replacement costs.
  2. AA Pothole Damage Assist assists you to formalise and lodge claims against the relevant Road Management Authority to recover the cost of vehicle damage as a result of roadworks or hitting a pothole. We help you to recover cost of damage. As a policyholder, you’ll get:
    1. Professional case management and claim settlement assistance with the relevant Road Management Authority.
    2. Dedicated telephonic claim registration and tyre assessment services.
    3. Free assistance with quotes for replacement tyres and/or rims with preferential rates through AA tyre retail partners.
    4. 100% (one hundred percent) of recoveries paid out to you.
  1. Terms and Conditions
    1. AA Value-Added products are supplementary to your policy and will renew on the date of your policy renewal.
    2. The AA Pothole Damage Assist service is limited to irreparable tyre, rim, and mag wheel damage as a result of roadworks or hitting a pothole on a road within the borders of South Africa.
    3. Please note that:
      1. We can only assist you in respect of vehicles owned by you, your Spouse, and/or Dependants.
      2. No claim can be made against a Road Management Authority if you have already claimed, are in the process of claiming, or intend to claim from your motor vehicle insurance for the damage.
      3. Incidents must be reported to us within 5 (five) working days of the occurrence.
      4. At the time of the incident you must be compliant with all the legal and regulatory requirements of the National Road Traffic Act No. 93 of 1996 of South Africa and other such relevant legislation.
      5. AA Pothole Damage Assist does not guarantee performance from Road Management Authorities.
      6. You are not obliged to use the services of AA Pothole Damage Assist to lodge your claim with a Road Management Authority, in the event of which we will not be liable for any costs you may incur. 
  2. Resolving Disputes:
    1. Where our legal practitioner does not substantiate the merits of your case, we will not proceed with a claim.
    2. If this conflicts with your view, or there is a material conflict between your assessment of the situation, and that of our legal practitioner, the case will be referred to the AA Value-Added advisory panel for review.
    3. This panel will consist of the AA legal advisor, as well as 2 (two) independent, external legal advisors.
    4. The costs of this review process will be for your account. You are always free to obtain outside second opinions, but the cost of these opinions will not be covered by your AA Value-Added product, unless prior approval is obtained in writing.
    5. We carefully select our service providers for AA Value-Added products but cannot guarantee quality of service. These service providers are not our agents or employees. We cannot be held liable for their actions or omissions, or for any damage caused by their failure to perform. Where there is a need for clarification of terms and conditions or relating to your benefits under this product, our interpretation will be final.