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AA AutoFacts

Data-driven analytics

AA AutoFacts provides you with data-driven analytics, market insights, and vehicle information. Get accurate vehicle descriptions, validation of the VIN, engine, make, model, and type. Request a report that provides real-time, accurate data and reduce the risk by understanding the vehicle you intend to purchase.

Choose between two report options through a quick and easy process:

AA Validation Report for R20 per report – Essential vehicle information report

AA Verification Report for R89 per report – Comprehensive vehicle report also including:


  • Service and maintenance details
  • Police interest
  • Financial interest information

AA Compare

AA Autofacts Compare is a useful tool which has been developed to assist in delivering fast, accurate, and comparable vehicle information to you.

At only R99 per month, users will be able to compare as many vehicles as they need and receive reports which provide comparative specifications of different models, for both new and used vehicles.

For more information, please download the AA Autofacts User Guide here.

financed interest information

The financed interest information is the most accurate in the market, sourced in real-time Our process is POPI compliant.

financed interest information

The financed interest information is the most accurate in the market, sourced in real-time Our process is POPI compliant.

financed interest information

Vehicle verification offers accurate vehicle descriptions, validation of the VIN number, engine number, make, model and type.

Report Information

AA Validation
AA Verification
Warranty Year and Quarter Retail Estimate Value 
Colour and Engine Number Trade Estimate Value
Make, Type and Model Cost Estimate Value
Intro Date Last Five Retail Sales
Fuel Type Engine Number
Warranty Year and Quarter Retail Estimate Value 
Financial Interest Trade Estimate Value
Microdot Date and Fitted Cost Estimate Value
Police Interest Last Five Retail Sales
Engine Number and Colour Warranty km's and Year
Service Plan km's and Year Maintenance Plan km's and Year
Service Intervals km's Make, Type and Model
Intro Date Transmission Type
Fuel Type Engine Size
Body Shape Engine Number

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