About the AA

At the AA, our goal is to provide services to every person who uses South Africa’s roads. Whether you’re a motorist or motorcyclist; a passenger, commuter or pedestrian, we have your best interests at heart.

Since our inception in 1930, we have played a vital advocacy role for South African road users. We make it a priority to engage publicly on, and become involved in, a range of projects and topics relevant to the automobile and transport industry at large.

Among these is being involved in bringing to market the first crash tests for locally-sold vehicles. This move has empowered you to evaluate the safety rating of the vehicles you are interested in buying – not just for you, but for your passengers too.

#SaferCarsForAfrica is brought to you by the AA and Global NCAP.

We promote road safety – in particular, pedestrian road safety – through our Walk Safe and Visibility campaigns. As advocates for roads users, we have been vocal on the issue of rising fuel costs in South Africa. Furthermore, in the absence of regulation in the towing industry, we have introduced a service charter to bring about transformation in the sector in the interest of road users.

Our number-one priority is to be there for you in your time of need; to provide help when you need it most. 

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