The information provided should be used as a guideline only

Dialling Code(00263) Contact Details
Zimbabwean Consulate  

Tel: 011 615 0290/5879

Email: zimjohannesburg@zimfa.gov.zw


Beitbridge Border Post


+263 862 2303 / 2366

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority ( ZIMRA )



+27 (015) 530-0066 / 71

website: http://www.zimra.co.zw


Beitbridge Border Post Police +27 (015) 534-6300
SA Representative  

Tel: +00263 4760404

Email: dhacon@mweb.co.zw


Visas are not required by SA passport holders.

For more information regarding;

  • food restrictions,
  • passports/visa and,
  • pet travel enquiries,

Please contact the consulate/embassy – contact details above.


Health Requirements Compulsory Vaccinations Yellow Fever (if coming from an affected area)
Recommended Vaccinations  

  • Hepatitis A
  • Tetanus


Precautions Malaria risk
Documents Required  

Valid passport of the driver

Certified copy of vehicle registration papers in the name of the driver

Letter of authority from the registered owner if the vehicle is not owned by the driver

If vehicle is still being financed, carry a letter of authority from the bank (must include dates of travel) together with the vehicle license papers.

Police Clearance Certificate: May be required if travelling through the Chirundu Border Post, for vehicles and trailers. When applying for Police Clearance certificate, it is required to have a Request for Police Identification/ Clearance (RPC) Form obtainable from the Traffic Department.

Commercial Vehicle Guarantee (CVG): Private vehicles do not require a CVG ( 4X4 may be require to obtain a CVG ). Only applicable for Commercial vehicles. Obtainable from

Zimbabwe registered clearing agents and payment of relevant bond –  between USD 30 to USD 50.

Third-Party Insurance: Compulsory – obtained at border post.

Road Access Fee: Based on the vehicle’s size paid on entry only. Rates:

R90 for a small sedan

R270 for a large 4×4

Exit Pass: R70 at each exit

Carbon Tax: charges from R50 to R240

White and Red Honeycomb Reflective Tape: Two small white rectangular size strips on the right and left hand side of the front bumper as well as two small red square strips on the right and left hand side of the rear bumper. Ideally, the strips should be honeycombed. If towing a trailer, two small red square strips on the right and left hand side of the rear bumper are required

Carnet de Passage: Not required. Temporary Import Permit will be issued at the border post upon entry, free of charge

Warning Triangles: Two warning triangles on a metal plate

White and Red T-sign: Required if towing a trailer; white must be displayed on front right hand side of trailer / caravan and red on the rear right hand side of the trailer / caravan, when looking forward.

Fire Extinguisher: Compulsory

Safety Vests: Recommended

ZA Sticker: Available at any AA Accredited Sales Agent store


AA Club AA Zimbabwe  

2 Kenilworth Road, Newland, Harare

+263 478 8173 / 4 / 5


Currency Dollar (USD)