From 2021 the Automobile Association (AA) will be preparing and releasing an independent spare parts pricing guide for South African consumers. Previously the Association released this guide under the title of the AA-Kinsey Report. Moving forward, a new report will be collated and distributed solely under the banner of the Automobile Association.

The revised AA Spare Parts Pricing Guide 2021 will be released in the third quarter of 2021, and every subsequent year thereafter, and will include several new additions. The report will be a wholly new compilation and will involve manufacturers as far as possible to enhance its findings.

In addition to spare parts pricing, the AA Spare Parts Pricing Guide will cover new areas for inclusion such as changes to automotive technology. As before, the AA will present its findings to manufacturers to give them an opportunity to digest the information before it is released to the public a week later.

The AA is a leader in the South African automotive sector and has been championing the rights of motorists and other road users for more than 90 years. Part of the consumer information it believes is critical for consumers is understanding the costs of spare parts for their vehicles, and how these compare with spare parts for similar vehicles in the same category.