AA Fine Payment Assist Terms and Conditions

Please note that the terms of the General Policy Terms and Conditions is applicable to this policy document and its terms are accordingly incorporated herein as if specifically incorporated, mutatis mutandis.

  1. Product Description
    1. Most road users have been issued a fine for a minor road indiscretion at some time or another, yet often the fine is either not received, or it gets forgotten about, leading to problems at roadblocks, increased penalties, or in some cases even legal action.
    2. AA Fine Payment Assist offers you a quick and easy solution, saving you time, money, and embarrassment.
    3. You will receive notice of all traffic fines in your name within days of being issued, ensuring you can receive the maximum settlement discount.
    4. We will also check and verify that the correct process has been followed.
    5. Where there are discrepancies, we will manage the communication to have traffic fines revoked, and, where appropriate, we will pursue any action required on your part to get traffic fines reduced, or even squashed.
    6. AA Fine Payment Assist will check your details against the traffic fines database on a regular basis.
    7. We will contact you immediately to inform you of any fines that have been issued, or any fines that are still outstanding, and request you to provide documents to support any claim for a fine reduction, such as a statement of the incident, as well as a copy of your driver’s license.
    8. We will present the merits of a fine reduction on to the relevant traffic department on your behalf, and 100% (one hundred percent) of any recovery or discount will be passed back to you.
    9. You will receive an invoice for your fine payments and, once paid on our secure site, we will provide with you proof that fine has been settled and the fine has been cleared.
    10. As a policyholder, you will get:
      1. Fast, efficient, and proactive traffic fine monitoring and prompt notification.
      2. Guaranteed discounts on your fines, passed directly to you.
      3. Easy, no-fuss payment facilities, with no hidden cost to you.
      4. Legal assistance to assess the legitimacy and validity of all your fines, and we will contest your invalid fines on your behalf. 
  2. Terms and Conditions
    1. AA Value-Added products are supplementary to your policy and will renew on the date of your policy renewal.
    2. The AA Fine Payment Assist service is limited to traffic fines issued in your name only, within South Africa. At the time of the fine, you must be compliant with all the legal and regulatory requirements of the National Road Traffic Act No. 93 of 1996 of South Africa and other such relevant legislation.
    3. AA Fine Payment Assist does not assist with the AARTO demerit points system.
    4. Fines are deemed to be issued once they have been posted onto www.paycity.co.za or www.viewfines.co.za. AA Fine Payment Assist cannot advise you of any fines not posted onto these websites.
    5. Should you receive a fine that has not been posted on one of these websites, please forward it to us immediately and we will manage it on your behalf.
    6. AA Fine Payment Assist does not guarantee performance from any of the Traffic Departments.
    7. You are not obliged to use the services of AA Fine Payment Assist to lodge your claim for a discount with a Traffic Department, in the event of which we will not be liable for any costs you may incur. 
  3. Resolving Disputes
    1. Where our legal practitioner does not substantiate the merits of your case, we will not proceed with a claim.
    2. If this conflicts with your view, or there is a material conflict between your assessment of the situation, and that of our legal practitioner, the case will be referred to the AA Value-Added advisory panel for review.
    3. This panel will consist of the AA legal advisor, as well as 2 (two) independent, external legal advisors.
    4. The costs of this review process will be for your account. You are always free to obtain outside second opinions, but the cost of these opinions will not be covered by your AA Value-Added product unless prior approval is obtained in writing.
    5. We carefully select our service providers for AA Value-Added products but cannot guarantee the quality of service. These service providers are not our agents or employees. We cannot be held liable for their actions or omissions, or for any damage caused by their failure to perform. Where there is a need for clarification of terms and conditions or relating to your benefits under this product, our interpretation will be final.