We have received several queries about driver licence and vehicle licence renewals during the lockdown.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has issued the following notice:

1. The Online Booking System has been suspended for:
    – Application for a Learner’s Licence Test
    – Application for a Driving Licence Test
    – Booking for the Renewal of a Driving Licence Card, and
    – An application for a PRDP

2. In addition, all services at Driving Licence Testing Centres have been suspended. All bookings made for 27 March to 16 April will expire and all applicants must re-book for these services once the system is operational again. 

The RTMC has also noted that for the period of the lockdown, all drivers will be reprieved from enforcement for driving with expired documentation. We advise all motorists to drive with their current licences and, if possible, to print this official communication from the RTMC and produce it to the relevant authority should the need arise: http://www.rtmc.co.za/images/rtmc/campaigns/RTMC%20Suspended%20Services%20%20FAQs.pdf

An update to this notification is available at: